Monday, October 10, 2011

Update! Update!

 I'll be back in business soon! I ordered a new phone and it should be here in the next couple of weeks.  I can't wait! I'll get to tell you more about our graduation trip! Sloane and I will both have our graduate degrees by December!

I've missed my phone, but since my old phone is harder to navigate, I've kind of enjoyed a little technology break. I usually check facebook, twitter, blog, or pinterest over and over during my breaks throughout the day, but without my phone, I've been a little more productive with my time :)

BUT if you're looking to waste a little time... you can following me on pinterest!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



i went to the state fair and had all kinds of fun/funny pictures to show you (that i took on my phone as usual).


my phone was DEMOLISHED on a ride and i am currently being dominated by technology without my iphone. i sound so spoiled... but it's true!!! i just feel so wasteful because it worked just fine and now, eventually, i'll have to pay for a new one!


thanks for sticking around! i didn't just give up on blogging- no pictures to post!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump Day Happenings!

Well... I lasted 3 days (and I even ate a handful of almonds during that time!). Sloane lasted 6 whole days on juice fruit and veggie juices that we made at home in our juicer.  So after my 3 days of juice, I spent the next 2.5 days eating only raw fruits and vegetables and nuts when I didn't have time to make juice. That was MUCH easier! Now Sloane and I are just trying to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and much healthier meals and I'm trying to cut down snacks... :) "Trying" is the operative word here, people.

Our fridge is much more colorful these days!

The juicer!
Sunny has LOVED this cooler weather! Look at those little feet :)

Tiny :)

Sloane spent Saturday watching football with buddies and all day Sunday studying for a test. I made a last minute decision to drive to Little Rock and go to the Hogs game with my mom, dad, and sister! We had so much fun!

I loved all the patriotic things they did for 9/11.

Read this in 2 days. Ready for #2.

Last night I went with my buddies Leslie and Emily to eat sushi and watch The Help!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hump Day Happenings!

Whew! That long weekend has thrown me off my schedule! I started this post yesterday, but obviously didn't finish it until now :)
This is a picture of THE CUTEST dress on my sweet friend, Emily Bankhead's, pinterest.

Well... here are the nails! So glad that I got them! I have hardly put my nails in my mouth this past week.  Hopefully this will help break my nail biting habit :)

This is a really fun picture from our Chicago trip that I didn't add to yesterday's post, but I just think it's beautiful!

Here is my sweet baby! My friend Josie sent this to me on Saturday while we were out of town.  She fed and watered Sunny while we were on our little trip.

Another cute dress! I saw this on I think.
Ya'll. This is SO stalkerish of me, but this girl was so dang cute! I saw her at the Cubs game and sneaked a pic!  I loved her shoes, purse, and hair. And skinny legs. Those too.

I'm so creepy! Another fun pair of shoes! They were the cutest wedges though! They HAD to be documented!!!

This is my exciting breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days. Sloane and I have started a juice fast! Sloane is attempting the 10 day juice only fast and I am doing a 5 to 6 day juice only fast followed by a 5 or 4 day raw fruit & veggie and juice fast.  Juicing is messy, but really easy. Fruit juices are AWESOME, but the veggie juices... let's just say they're not all that good. We watched a documentary about juicing and how all the nutrients just boost your health like nothing else. Makes sense. I could do anything for 3 more days, right?! I'll start adding raw foods on Sunday night. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Traveling Tuesday: Chicago & St. Louis!

Hello! Whew! We had a whirlwind trip over Labor Day weekend! We got back late last night, and are worn out, but we had SO much fun! This was my first trip to Chicago and I loved everything we were able to see and do. Sloane has some pictures on his phone that I'll have to add later :)

We went to South Bend, Indiana for a Notre Dame game! We aren't huge fans, but it was close to Chicago and we couldn't miss the opening weekend of college football! This is the players walking to mass before the game.
Here are some college guys floating in the fountain, waiting on the football players,
in front of the "Touchdown Jesus" mosaic.

Ya'll. I had an emotional breakdown and threw the biggest fit. It was hotter than HELL and I sweated through this entire dress. Drama central. Sorry Sloane... Good thing he loves me ;)

The band was AWESOME! They played and then we marched with them and the Irish Guard to the stadium!

Ta-Dah! Tiny, old, tradition filled stadium- a lot like War Memorial in Little Rock.

Rain delay! At least I got some nachos.
 (Sloane never lets me get nachos, it's a running joke around here.)

On to Chicago! Lake Michigan- my first time to see the Great Lakes! Also, after the Notre Dame game Sloane drove me to the  Michigan border so I could cross it off my list of states I've visited.

Sears tower.

Trump tower.

Theeeee Cubby Bear!

Hot stuff right there.


View from the Cubby Bear after the game.

On our way to the Chicago Jazz Festival.

Dance floor. Enough said.

AWESOME music... great night. We ate my first Chicago style pizza afterwards :)

On the way home, we stopped in STL!

AMAZING Bar-B-Que, sweet potato fries, and fried corn! I ate most of it :)

We had to stop at Ted Drewes for some ice cream of course. Duh.

We had another successful road trip! The next few Traveling Tuesdays will be about places that are on our list to visit and trips that are in the works :) Hope you had a lovely, long weekend and cheers to a new, short week!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump Day Happenings!

It's been a pretty busy week, people. Here are some random highlights :)

Rumble (the mascot for the Thunder!) came to school last Friday!
The. Kids. Went. NUTS!
Oklahoma sunset!
Leslie's first time to DELICIOUS Eischens! Fried chicken, fried okra, and chili cheese nachos. Amen.
Sunday Sloane and I went to Sams- I just love that place! We had a nice, relaxing weekend.  I know it sounds sappy {I promise I know}, but errands are SO much more fun when he comes with me.
This is a whole other post in itself! This is the juicer we recently purchased! 

Tonight we made juice for dinner for the first time! I'll post a lot more about our juicing next week on Hump Day! Also, I got fake nails yesterday for the first time in my life! 
{trying to break the 'ol nail biting habit :) }
Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Traveling Tuesday: Coming Soon!

For Labor Day weekend, we are going to... CHICAGO!!!! I've never been before and Sloane hasn't been in a while.  Below are some of the things we'll be seeing! 

We will spend Friday night in St. Louis!
Saturday we will drive up to South Bend, IN for a NOTRE DAME game! We are so excited! Sloane knows a guy who went to college there and he has told us all the fun places & game day traditions!

Saturday night we will finally make it to Chicago!

I can't wait to sight see and go to H&M!

Sunday we will get to go see the Cubbies!

I can't wait to go on this trip with Sloane and then get to share all the pictures with you :) What are YOU doing for Labor Day? Do you have any ideas or places you love in Chicago?!