Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm baaaaaack! Happy New Year!

Hi People!

Well, I haven't blogged in 3 months! I have a new phone and camera to take pictures with and a TON has been going on around here!

{1} Sloane & I graduated from our graduate programs!
{2} We went on the BEST trip: 10 days in Costa Rica~ post coming soon.
{3} We are planning a new, fun long-weekend get-a-way & I would love suggestions ~ post coming soon.
{4} I cut TEN inches off of my hair for locks of love~ see below :)
{5} Sloane's sister got married & my sister is having a baby girl in just TWO months!

We have had some tough, sad times over the past couple of months, but overall, we are completely blessed and loving this new phase of our lives without class hanging over our heads. Below are a few pictures to catch you up on our life since I last blogged!


Fun law school/Fayetteville beauties!

Me and my sweet bff LA at a Razorback football game.

My man.

Such a little hottie!

Thanksgiving in Kansas City!

Wanted these.

Still want them.

This is Chesapeake where Sloanie works~ love the ChesaLights!

My little Emmy got MARRIED!!!
Sloane's sister got married, too! 
Sloanie's graduation from OU's MBA program.

Thanks, Ging & Ed, for the new mixer!

Buddies! Welcome back, THUNDER!

We were surprised with free Cotton Bowl tickets!



Nom, nom, nom.

Studying for my licensing exam I take on January 28th.
Looks like an animal.

IT'S ALL GONE! I miss my hair... still not loving the new do two weeks later... working on it!

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