Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hump Day Happenings!

Whew! That long weekend has thrown me off my schedule! I started this post yesterday, but obviously didn't finish it until now :)
This is a picture of THE CUTEST dress on my sweet friend, Emily Bankhead's, pinterest.

Well... here are the nails! So glad that I got them! I have hardly put my nails in my mouth this past week.  Hopefully this will help break my nail biting habit :)

This is a really fun picture from our Chicago trip that I didn't add to yesterday's post, but I just think it's beautiful!

Here is my sweet baby! My friend Josie sent this to me on Saturday while we were out of town.  She fed and watered Sunny while we were on our little trip.

Another cute dress! I saw this on I think.
Ya'll. This is SO stalkerish of me, but this girl was so dang cute! I saw her at the Cubs game and sneaked a pic!  I loved her shoes, purse, and hair. And skinny legs. Those too.

I'm so creepy! Another fun pair of shoes! They were the cutest wedges though! They HAD to be documented!!!

This is my exciting breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days. Sloane and I have started a juice fast! Sloane is attempting the 10 day juice only fast and I am doing a 5 to 6 day juice only fast followed by a 5 or 4 day raw fruit & veggie and juice fast.  Juicing is messy, but really easy. Fruit juices are AWESOME, but the veggie juices... let's just say they're not all that good. We watched a documentary about juicing and how all the nutrients just boost your health like nothing else. Makes sense. I could do anything for 3 more days, right?! I'll start adding raw foods on Sunday night. 

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